Oil and gas valley

VII All-Russian Congress of Geologists: Uniting Science, Power and Business
| 18.10.2012 |

Russian state mining-and-geological service was founded in 1700 by Peter I’s decree “About establishment of the Mining Affairs Order”. Having originated in the epoch of great national transformations, geological service was further on closely connected with the course of Russian history. By the beginning of XXI century previous state mineral and raw material policy has got out of date, and VII All-Russian Congress of Geologists was held in Moscow from 24th to 26th of October, 2012, in order to form new united approach to the use of subsurface resources.

TNK-Uvat: from "Eco-camp» to Eco-Region
| 18.10.2012 |

In year 2008, prior to the commissioning of the Eastern Hub, which is now the major center of oil production, LLC "TNK-Uvat" was given the Board of Directors Chairman’s Award for the Health, Safety and Environmental protection (HSE) for a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of environmental protection at the absence of infrastructure.

In the light of technologies
| 16.08.2012 |

In the anticipation of the day of workers of oil, gas and fuel industry, “Industry and Ecology of the North” magazine talked with the head of OAO Gazpromneft – Noyabrskneftegazgeofizika, PhD in Technical Sciences – Mikhail Pasechnik about priority ways of his enterprise’s development and about innovative processes taking part in the oil and gas industry today.

| 16.08.2012 |

The population grows and production capacity increases globally; so does human environmental impact. Environmental issues have for a long time ceased being local and are oftentimes to be solved in close collaboration between the government, non-governmental institutions, and business. One of the most eloquent examples in this area is Salym Petroleum’s environmental projects that are implemented as part of a large-scale social investment program in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

How can you remove a stain? Oil stain.
| 30.06.2012 |

OJSC “Surgutneftegas” celebrated the World Environment Day – Ecologist Day by annual environmental drills. The ma­jor Russian oil company pays much at­tention to the work on the reduction of accidents risk at pipelines. Units of nature protection service are provided with the most modern high-efficien­cy equipment for the localization and elimination of accidents’ consequences. Its abilities were demonstrated to press representatives at the special training ground in the area of the Solkinskoye oil field in Bolshaya Sontorova channel. Workers of the unit for the service of oil and gas production division “Bystrin­skneft” pipelines took part in practice elimination. The techniques of emergen­cy oil spill elimination were practiced. According to the legend, the participants of the practice had a task to eliminate an oil stain with the mass of 10-15 tons to prevent its getting into the Ob river.